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Proudly Serving the Boro of Oakmont since 1903.

We are ever thankful for the amazing support we get from the people of this great boro.


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Your donations are greatly appreciated! Anything helps our 100% volunteer department. Our guys are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Donating is easy! Just click the donate button below and it will send you straight to PayPal where it will ask if you want to donate with Paypal or credit/debit card! Anything you donate we use to buy equipment to help our community!  Anything helps! Thank you everyone!

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Pardon our dust! We are in the middle of overhauling our website. This is step 1, with much more to come. (including pages for Company history and membership)

Thank you for your patience and continued support!

DO NOT FORGET! Make sure to change your detector's batteries and test them frequently.  It Saves Lives!


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By following, get recent information on our calls that we respond to and more information about what we are doing in our community! To follow, click the button below that says "Oakmont FD Facebook" and it will send you straight to our page!


418 Virginia Ave, Oakmont PA 15139 

Oakmont volunteer fire department  Tel: (412)-828-3134

Please remember that we are

volunteer and will not be able

to answer the phone at all times. 

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